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How To Select The Perfect Location For Your Engagement Session


September 13, 2022


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Having an engagement session is something that has become A MUST for couples. There are many reasons why, but that is another topic for another day. For now, I’m going to talk about selecting THE perfect location for an engagement session!

We have shared a list of 10 Dreamy Locations in Florida for an Engagement Session and since there are soooo many photo-worthy places in this beautiful state of Florida; we figured a part 2 is necessary!

Before we go over the list, let us talk about why it is crucial to choose the right location for you! Note that this is from the perspective of a professional photographer! Without further ado, here are your why’s and how’s!

The Importance of Location

Just like how you carefully think about the venue for your wedding, the location for your engagement shoot should be planned as well. Why? Well, there are a couple of things to consider.

Are there entrance fees and parking fees?

Planning a wedding can be costly. Understandably so, many couples prefer to keep things on a budget. If you’ve set a total budget for your preparations, it will serve you well to do your research about whether the place you have in mind requires fees for the entrance, parking space, and photography.

Is it easily accessible?

How is the road there? How many minutes of walk will it take to get from the parking area to the spot? Would your photographer have no problem transporting their equipment to the location? There are tons of beautiful places around but can be challenging to access. Try to see if it’s something you and your photographer are willing to risk!

Would shooting there compromise your comfort and safety?

We’ll be taking photos that will be plastered on monitor screens and picture frames on your wedding day. It’s important to look your very best! Hence, if your chosen location is going to make you feel anxious about your safety, or cause you to sweat profusely after climbing a steep hill, I say it’s a no-go!

Does the place allow for good lighting?

In photography, natural light is essential! For us, we specialize in light and airy photographs that exude romance, and being in a place that gives a lot of room for natural light is heaven! If that is your ideal style of photography for your engagement session, you should definitely put this at the top of your priority list!

The list could go on! Ultimately, the decision falls on you. Think about what you want to prioritize! What matters most is we can maximize your engagement session to the fullest!

How to Select THE Perfect Location

Now that we have covered why it is important to plan the location for your engagement session, allow me to teach you how to ultimately choose “the one” for you.

Consider the theme of your wedding

Being intentional with every single detail of your wedding is very important. Everything should be perfectly tied together. It should make sense! With that said, you might want to consider your wedding theme when choosing the place for your engagement session! For example, if you’re thinking about a rustic theme wedding, you can opt for a location with a lot of trees or a grassy field.

Go somewhere meaningful

There might be a place that’s close to your heart for both of you. This place might be where you first met, or where you had your first date. It could be a favorite cafe or a place where you both like to spend your Fridays. Maybe you would want to do it at the location where the magical proposal took place, just like this (now married) couple, Megan and Ryan who chose the Dali Museum!

Scout some places

It is best to personally go to the location(s) you have in mind to examine the area and see if it is the right venue for your engagement shoot. Is it too crowded for your liking? Maybe the terrain is too rough to wade? Is it too dark? Having a glimpse at the location will also help you pick out the perfect outfit to make sure you’ll stand out against the background!

10 Dreamy Locations in Florida

Leu Gardens (Orlando, Florida)

A “botanical oasis” as they call it, Leu Gardens is a 50-acre property that is picture-perfect for any occasion! The gardens are absolutely gorgeous and make for a romantic backdrop for your engagement session.

Las Olas Oceanside Parks (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

Palm trees, sun, and the oceanside — it is a great escape for people who love to bask in the warm embrace of the tropics. Las Olas Oceanside Parks is a popular tourist destination, but it could double as the perfect engagement session backdrop for you! We can take shots of you enjoying the local markets or have you and your partner pose in front of the ocean view!

Bonnet House Museum and Garden (Fort Lauderdale)

Rich in flora and fauna, Bonnet House Museum and Garden boasts history and artful architecture. The property has a beautiful tropical outdoor space that allows for breathtaking shots for your engagement session.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens (Miami, Florida)

Seated at the Biscayne Bay, surrounded by acres of tropical gardens, Vizcaya Museum & Gardens is where water meets land of greeneries. Aside from the jaw-dropping outdoor spaces, Vizcaya is a cultural and historic treasure with a lot of stories to tell! If that’s where you want your engagement session to be, it might be an educational trip as well!

Bayside Marketplace (Miami, Florida)

A lot of couples like to have their prenuptial shoot at shopping districts, enjoying a drink or two. If that’s how you’re picturing your engagement photos, Bayside Marketplace might be the place for you!

Cape Florida Lighthouse

Believe it or not, the lighthouse has been around since 1825! Almost 200 years! After all the storms (and violent history) it’s still standing tall! I know many people out there love to visit lighthouses and if you’re one of them, you might want to head over to Cape Florida Lighthouse! If you’re not exactly fond of it, you can enjoy the white sand beaches of Key Biscayne!

Lake Eola Park (Orlando, Florida)

Our hearts tingle at the thought of beautiful skyline views, swan-shaped paddle boats floating around the lake, gorgeous flower beds, and more! Lake Eola Park basically has it all. We could picture (literally and metaphorically) you walking along the sidewalk that surrounds the lake or on the grass, taking in the view with your significant other. It will be lovely!

St. Augustine

Home to many Spanish colonial architecture and serene beaches, St. Augustine is definitely one among the top picks for me. It is said to be the country’s oldest city! Interesting, right? If you want to add some historical touch to your photos, you might want to visit St. Augustine!

Amelia Island

Beaches, nature, historic downtown setting, Amelia Island is a popular destination for those who appreciate nature! With a lot to offer, we can take our shots along the breathtaking beaches or have some romantic candids down the streets with the gorgeous buildings in the background.

Ybor City ( Tampa, Florida)

Speaking of historic downtown locations, Ybor City is definitely among the top of the list! Imagine brick buildings, streetcars, and cigars! If you feel like that speaks to you as a couple, maybe Ybor City is THE one!

Indian Rocks Beach (Florida)

We feel like every beach in the state should be included in the list! Fronting the Gulf of Mexico, Indian Rocks Beach definitely has a lot of room for shorelines and resorts for your engagement session! As a photographer, I love beaches! There’s a lot of lighting and so much room for getting creative with poses!

Opt To Shoot At Your Wedding Venue

If you want to truly experience your wedding venue before your big day, you can also opt to shoot at your wedding venue location for your engagement session. Reach out to your wedding venue to see if it’s an option to shoot your engagement photos on site. They most likely will be excited to have you!

There are still a looot of locations that we weren’t able to include. The list goes on for sure! But wherever your heart lies, select a location that you know you’re 200% sure about to ensure your engagement session photos will come out as you expected! Congratulations on your engagement! We wish you all the happiness!

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I'm Terrie  and I'm so happy you're here. This blog a journal about our lives, travels, fashion, and style. Stay a while and say hello!

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This wedding guide is the perfect tool for you start planning your dream wedding. This is a template with tips and guidance to help you achieve a dreamy wedding!