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“Your story is the greatest legacy that you will leave to your friends. It’s the longest-lasting legacy you will leave to your heirs.” —Steve Saint

I cry during sweet movies and I love to laugh!! I'm obsessed with all the pretty details and I love feeding my creativity! 

 I am a fine art photographer who specializes in creating timeless, clean and classic romantic photography. We put our heart into every shot and we capture images that tell your love legacy. We believe your grandchildren should have the opportunity to look at your wedding photos and see the legacy you created.  .

I love LOVE and I love spending my days capturing the beautiful moments that last a lifetime. I am a huge lover of dreamy light!! It makes me feel so good!

I am a huge comedy fan!!! I have watched The Office Tv Series like 5 time now and I've watched 30 Rock more times than I should! I know all the references. Okay ( INSERTS A LITTLE SASS)!! I loveee to cook but you know that means I love to eat a little more. 

I am a mommy to two girls and the lucky wife to my dear hubby, Matthew!!! Check out my favorite things below!! 

I'm Terrie

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I have the best job in the world! One of my jobs is being their mama!!! #GIRLMOM


This is Matt! You often see him at our workshops that we hold for fellow creatives in the wedding Industry, He is my person! I love him!



I love photographing details in my spare time!!!!



I'm a foodie!! Give me the tv to binge watch with a yummy sandwich or a tall cup of hot chocolate I'm your girl! Sooo bring on the extra tomatoes on my sandwich and the extra whip cream for my hot coco!!!

guilty pleasure


If I'm binge watching it's between The Office or 30 Rock. Give me all the comedy please!!! 

My Favorite Show



Helping my sweet bride, Jeanette put on her necklace.  It's part of my job to be there for my bride and groom every step of their day!

part of my job


my favorite things:

about you

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Our clients are madly in love, elegant, and ready to create a legacy that last a lifetime . 

Are you daydreaming of the moment you walk down the aisle? Are you day dreaming of the moment you say I do? Are you excited about the idea of looking back at your wedding photos and remembering exactly how you felt on your wedding day?  Can you see the legacy you are about to create with your wedding photos? The legacy starts with you....


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