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Guest Wardrobe: What to Wear to a Wedding


April 3, 2023


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I'm Terrie and I'm so happy you're here. This blog a journal about our lives, travels, fashion, and style. Stay a while and say hello!

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You’re invited to a wedding, you now have at least a month or two to prepare a tasteful wardrobe for the occasion. Eep!! How exciting! And also challenging, but hey — it’s hard to say no to a fun challenge!

Before you dash off to the nearest boutique, there are 2 general rules you need to adhere to: follow the dress code and dress to impress, but do not upstage the bride and groom! Now that we got that out of the way, there are a few more things you should consider when picking your attire.


You wouldn’t want to wear a turtle neck to a tropical beach wedding, or a sundress to a wedding at the mountaintop. Before you lock your eyes on a particular wedding OOTD, be sure the venue has been indicated in the wedding invites! Otherwise, you’re going to be dressed too thinly or dressed too warmly!

It’s also important to know if it’s going to be an indoor or outdoor affair. If the wedding is taking place outdoors, you might want to avoid a dress that can easily be swept by the wind to prevent any accidental peep show. If it’s an indoor affair, you may get away with the fit of your choice!


It’s quite common for a wedding to begin in the afternoon and end late in the evening. To avoid being potentially frozen to your toes, you might want to bring a coat or wear layers.

Theme or Palette

Knowing the palette of the wedding you’re attending to would serve you best. If it is not indicated, pay close attention to the colors of the invitation or you may also ask the couple directly or someone you know from the wedding parties. Speaking of wedding parties, although it’s nice to wear something that will match or complement the wedding palette, try not to wear a color similar to that of the bridesmaids or groomsmen.

Do Not Wear White

Need we say more?? It’s definitely a big NO to wear white! With the exception of cultural weddings where brides don’t typically wear white, it is an unspoken rule to NOT WEAR WHITE. If you feel like your wardrobe could use some white, make sure it’s minimal.

Adhere to the Dress Code

In most cases, the couple will let you know what dress code to follow. With all things above considered, below are a couple of outfit inspirations according to standard wedding dress codes!

Black Tie

Think of something as classy as the Oscars for a black-tie wedding. While it is highly encouraged to dress your best, it’s equally crucial to maintain modesty in your wardrobe.

The ladies could choose a floor-length gown or a gorgeous cocktail dress, accessorized with their favorite heels. The gentlemen are required to dress to the nines in their finest tuxedos, cummerbunds, and black bow ties. Suspenders are another choice if you’d like to complete your look but don’t forget to put on your most elegant dress shoes!

Optional Black Tie

If a black tie wardrobe is optional, go for the next best option. The choices may fairly be similar for the ladies: a long gown or a cocktail dress, and a glamorous pair of heels. The guys can still go for a sleek look, but you can switch out the tuxedos for a more casual suit with a necktie to go with it.


Also referred to as semi-formal, this is definitely a wedding favorite. Not only does it allow for more flexibility, but it’s also the perfect balance of casual and smart.

To put this look together, think about what you would wear on a special dinner date. Nothing too casual, nothing too over-the-top, but definitely something that you wouldn’t wear on a typical day either! For the ladies, your option can range from a long dress to a jumpsuit or a two-piece dress. Men may opt for a contemporary suit and leave the tie behind.

For the footwear, it would still be best for the ladies to wear heels or if you prefer something less daunting, a pair of elegant flats would still be lovely. The guys, on the other hand, can choose between your classic dress shoes and chic sneakers.


Contrary to its name, a casual wedding look doesn’t mean you should wear jeans and a shirt. It is still a very special occasion, and it’s important to dress like it! The ladies can get away with a summer dress and a pair of flats while the guys can choose to opt out of the whole suit and oxfords ensemble. A shirt, trousers, or slacks, accessorized with a pair of boat shoes, can be a dashing look!


If the dress code is unspecified, your safest bet is to go for a semicasual look. You will neither be overdressed nor underdressed! The ladies can choose to wear separates like slacks and an elegant blouse or switch the bottom to a lovely skirt. For the gents, you may or may not wear a blazer to go with your shirt and trousers. Instead, you can opt for suspenders or a vest.

To dress up for an upcoming wedding may seem like a challenge but trust us, mixing and matching some items from your closet can be fun! We hope we are able to help you put fashionable attire together! To shop similar looks hop over to our amazon storefront here!

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I'm Terrie  and I'm so happy you're here. This blog a journal about our lives, travels, fashion, and style. Stay a while and say hello!

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This wedding guide is the perfect tool for you start planning your dream wedding. This is a template with tips and guidance to help you achieve a dreamy wedding!




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