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Wedding Day Posing Tips: Why Does Posing Matter?


October 3, 2022


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This wedding guide is the perfect tool for you start planning your dream wedding. This is a template with tips and guidance to help you achieve a dreamy wedding!



If you ask me what my favorite day is, I will tell you it’s my wedding day in a heartbeat. For me, that was the most magical day ever, and even years later, I still daydream about it. I frequently find myself going over our wedding photos and reminiscing about the day I finally tied the knot with my best friend. Looking back, I am so glad our photographer helped us pose for the photos during getting ready and post-ceremony portraits. I have absolutely no regrets because those are the photographs I find myself admiring the most!

It’s a great feeling, almost like a nostalgic trip, and it’s something I want you to have. That is one of the reasons why we, at Terrie Images, make sure the photographs we take are as swoon-worthy as your wedding day! We want to match that oozing romance, and like a bee in a net, we want to capture it through our lens!

Why does posing matter?

Candid shots are beautiful and surprising! You just don’t know what you’re getting until it’s there! Although that is its charm, it’s also its weakness. Don’t get me wrong: having excellent candid photographs is entirely possible, and most of the time, you’ll come across images that will make you laugh, such as a shot of Uncle Ben rocking it out on the dancefloor! That’s a potential keepsake right there but, a word of advice from a photographer (and from a sentimental bride), it is great to have a good portion of images that are choreographed and intentional. That’s where posing enters the picture — pun intended. If you’re not sure why posing matters on your wedding day, let me give you a quick break down!

To be Intentionally Romantic

I am a staunch believer that every love is worthy of a story. Consider making a film out of your own love story. How should the cover look? Of course, you’d want the cover to express your feelings for each other. To capture and extend the passionate appreciation in your eyes through your gestures; in the way you lean in and grasp each other. That is the kind of imagery we want you to see when you wish to remember your special day!

Awkward Pictures Vs. Feeling Awkward

We want to share with you that if you feel awkward at all in front of the camera, it’s perfectly normal. I am a wedding photographer and I myself still find myself feeling awkward during my own photo session. There is a vast difference between feeling awkward and looking awkward. That is where we come in, we are incredibly intentional when it comes to hand placement and your overall posing!

Helpful to Camera Shy Couples

It’s fairly common for couples to feel shy in front of the camera. It’s completely understandable! However, despite our best efforts to create an environment that makes our clients feel comfortable, shyness sometimes persists. That is something we can work on by posing! If this is something you can relate to, trust your photographer! You’re perfectly safe in a passionate creative’s hands. Rest assured that you and your photographer are on the same page when it comes to wanting to deliver the finest potential results for your portraits.

Tips on Posing

Find Your Angle

For your wedding day, letting you feel and look amazing is a top priority. Prior to your special day, stand in front of the mirror and try turning your head at different angles to see which side of your face would capture best. Once you’ve found the angle that works best for you, let your photographer know so they can direct poses that will give you the most desirable results! Do this right away so your wedding photographer can serve you well and prepare appropriately!

Do a “Candid” Pose

One of our favorite poses is the whisper. To achieve this, pretend you’re whispering sweet nothings to your partner, or better yet, do it in actuality so we can get some gorgeous reaction! It’s the perfect moment to capture an intimacy between the two of you!

Keep Your Hands Busy

We like to follow a photography golden rule: keep the hands busy. This implies that the hands should never be empty! It should be holding, touching, or resting on something. This golden rule has undoubtedly helped us become more imaginative when it comes to guiding posing, and it has proven fruitful! We’re sure many photographers can relate to us! If you want to help your photographer with posing, begin by holding your dress, touching your partner, and clutching your bouquet or boutonniere. You can also put your earrings on. The sky is the limit!

Be Yourself

Nothing is more essential on your special day than being yourself! Based on our experience, the most striking photographs we’ve captured are those of couples who weren’t afraid to be in their element! So, when it’s your turn to have your portraits taken, one piece of advice we have is to imagine it’s a date with no one else around but you and your beau/muse.

Posing is an art form that has been used to create picture-perfect portraits since before cameras were invented. As a result, it is something we should honor and value on your big day. Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and you deserve top-notch and artistic care on such an important day. Connect with your photographer and convey every aspect you believe they should be aware of so that when your wedding day arrives, they are already prepared and will know how to lead you in posing for your photographs. We can’t wait to see your nuptial portraits! Now that you know why posing matters, we’re sure that your wedding photos are going to be oh so dreamy!!

Venue: The Howey Mansion
HMUA and hair accessories: @jenniferbeautyco
Florist: IG: @kpeventdesign
Lead Photographer: @terrieimages
Second Shooter: @joygracephotography
Tableware Rentals: IG: @treasuryrentals
Bridal Gown: @southernswanbridal 
Tux: @generationtux

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I'm Terrie  and I'm so happy you're here. This blog a journal about our lives, travels, fashion, and style. Stay a while and say hello!

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This wedding guide is the perfect tool for you start planning your dream wedding. This is a template with tips and guidance to help you achieve a dreamy wedding!