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Going Full Time With Your Business


February 4, 2022


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I'm Terrie and I'm so happy you're here. This blog a journal about our lives, travels, fashion, and style. Stay a while and say hello!

Hi, I'm Terrie.


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Many creatives began their career as a hobby. Perhaps it is a talent they accidentally discovered. Either way, we all started somewhere and with something we have a passion for! Now you are dreaming of how far you can go but you want to give it your all and you feel like you want to go full time…and you can!

I see you and If you are here you have a passion! Maybe you love creating beautiful floral arrangements, or you have talent in calligraphy, perhaps in designing too? So how do you make a full-time career out of this? How do you become your own boss?? I am glad you’re here because I am just about to spill the beans and share some tips that we’ve learned from amazing business owners like us who took a leap of faith and went full time!

Take the Risk but Be Smart

I’m sure you want to leave that 9-5 job ASAP but hold it– let’s be practical. We want to have a source of income. The thing is, establishing a stable career independently will not happen overnight. Before anything, be smart and make sure you have a concrete plan ahead. Set a date- it works! When you set a date you are reminded to stay on course!  

Choose Your Niche

Having a niche is very important and I cannot stress this enough. Choose something that you want to specialize in. No client goes to google and searches for something using a general term. They are specific because they want to make sure that the vendor they choose is someone who’s the best in their niche.  You have to be an expert in your niche!

Expand Your Portfolio

Let’s say you’re really good at what you do and I know you are– but how do you let your potential clients know you’re the person they’re looking for? Let your portfolio speak for you!! One way of doing this is to use your resources like social media, stick to at least one platform, and be CONSISTENT!


Such a business term! But you’re converting your passion into a business, so play by the rules of business-making to make sure you’re well-equipped! Here’s how you can build your brand.

Create your brand mission and vision

How do you want your brand to impact the lives of your clients? What are the principles that you want your business to adhere to? Maybe you’re selling tote bags made of recycled materials. Your mission statement could be something along the lines of “Reducing waste by creating something brand new.” and your vision statement could be “To make the world better, one less carbon footprint at a time.”

This is something that you really have to sit down and brainstorm! Be intentional and authentic!! A brand mission and vision are very helpful when it comes to brand consistency! They can also serve as your brand goals!

Decide who your targets audeince is

Who do you want to appeal to the most? Maybe you want to gear towards the teen population, or maybe towards groups in a higher economic bracket. It depends on you! What matters most is you need to determine your target market. This is a very important part of the process because different age groups, different social status, or maybe different cultures, can react differently towards how a brand presents itself. I=Your audience cannot be too broad – narrow it down!!

Plan your brand image and brand identity

How do you want people to perceive your brand? How do you want to be remembered? Maybe you want them to remember you for your beliefs stated in your brand mission and vision. If that’s what you want, make sure to highlight that in your brand logos, colors, fonts, etc! Those individual aspects would make your brand identity

Make sure download more of our free tips on branding here!

Decide your USP (Unique Selling Point) 

Let’s face it. The reality is– you’re not the first person to establish this kind of business venture. So think about why customers should opt for your brand and not the others. What makes you unique? This could be an achievement or a special characteristic of your products. If you have determined your USP, emphasize this on your labels or portfolio. Let your targets know what makes your business stand out and why they should choose you.

Register Your Business

Before finally making this venture official, know the legal requirements first and once everything is settled, you’re good to go! You may need assistance in this area! If you do, let us know and we can point you in the direction of entrepreneurs who can help you start your business up correctly! We also offer mentorship for entrepreneurs looking for direction in what they love!!

Growing a business is not a smooth journey but if you’re willing, you can do anything! It takes a lot of dedication but when you have a goal and a strategy, your hard work will pay off! Thank you so much for taking the time to read until the end. I hope you will go far in your endeavors! I will always be here, cheering you on! 

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I'm Terrie  and I'm so happy you're here. This blog a journal about our lives, travels, fashion, and style. Stay a while and say hello!

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This wedding guide is the perfect tool for you start planning your dream wedding. This is a template with tips and guidance to help you achieve a dreamy wedding!




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