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Olivia + Trenton  
weddin at the Red Barn at Bushnell

      The rain poured on this day but it did not stop Olivia and Trenton from saying I do. It did not stop them from celebrating each other on the most sweetest day in the world, Valentine's Day! It is even sweeter with the pops of red and gorgeous details at the Red Barn at Bushnell in Bushnell, Florida. They also  shared precious moments at Lake Jovita Golf & Country Club as they prepared for this precious day. 

When the rain came it poured with intentions to remind us how lucky they are to have each other. After all rain is a sign of good luck on a wedding day. They were ready to 
tie the knot with smiles on their faces. They are in love and willing. These are signs of a long lasting marriage. I am not surprised! 

     They were  lovely and  super cute throughout their day. It was evident that they were meant to be together.... we could all see it on this day and up to this day. 

      When both sides of the family teared up saying how they were so blessed to have gained a daughter or a son. It was confirmation that they were made for each other. 

There were so many beautiful moments on this day, you have to see for your self. I may just cry again!!  I was at the brink of being a  bag of tears  throughout their entire day. It was just that special..

February 14, 2020

wedding  Files

Lake Jovita Golf & Country club
Dade City FL 

The Red barn at bushnell, bushnell, fl 



When Olivia's father, Mark, saw his daughter it was the most sweetest moment....We loved this first look.. 

Wedding days are the best when you are surrounded by love ,laughter and adorable babies!!

Olivia was just STUNNING!! I cannot handle it! 
Her sister,mom, and girls were just so sweet during their wedding. It was such a special day. 

They are sooo cute!!! I just love them!! Can we take a moment to swoon over how perfect they look in front of this beautiful red barn!!?? Everything was perfect. The rain did not stop Olivia and Trenton!!

I cannot resist sweet moments in black and white!!

We lovveee first dances, cake cutting , and fun games like the shoe game!! These moments sent waves of smiles and laughters throughout Oliva and Trenton's wedding. It was such a good time!

A letter to Olivia + Trenton, 
I want to thank you for allowing myself and team for giving us the pleasure to be apart of your special day. Thank you both so much for being such amazing and sweet people. Thank you for trusting us in sunshine and in the rain. Your day was absolutely perfect! It sent me down memory lane and truly evoked a lot of emotion in me. You two will do amazing in this life together.  I pray that you both continue to look at each other the way you looked at each other on this day. God bless you both!! 

All the pretty.....

Champagne with the girls!? UMM YES!!!

"A mother is a daughter's first bestfriend."