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This branding collection is for wedding creatives who want to create content over a course of 6 months . This includes 6- one on one photography sessions that are strategically directed and designed to create content that resonates with your clients. Within this collection you have an opportunity to create a variety of content. This is for creatives who want to revamp their brand identity as a whole and elevate their brand imagery with intention. We provide an experience that is tailored to where you are currently and where you would like to be in your business. This collection begins at 6k

I.Branding Collective



How are we serving our clients when it comes to branding sessions!? REELS, CONTENT, STRATEGY, POSING, LIGHTING, and MORE!! When we work with our clients we assist in posing and direction.. we especially focus on truly creating with creative freedom as we approach their vision in mind! We lead but we also allow our clients to participate in leading if they have a particular vision in mind. They may have anxiety initially about how their session will go so we want to meet each client where they are at ,while offering our expertise!

That means we like to listen to our client’s needs , study their aesthetic and help them to create just that with strategy, of course! Speaking of strategy we like to assist in capturing behind the scenes on our and our client's phone throughout our session together so they can also have reel content for their social media!  Social media reels helps you gain more followers and it is a possible stream of income. We want to cheer you on when it comes to your brand as a WHOLE. We understand that our clients need to share about their process through and through! This is a small piece of how we serve our clients when it comes to their branding sessions!  Browse our collections and inquire with us so we can share how we serve you and your brand well.

This essential branding collection includes two hours of coverage, a strategy call to deep dive into your business as a whole, multiple outfit changes for variety in your gallery, and 30 digital images for your business. This collection begins at 1.5k 

 II. Essentials 

Branding Session For
 Wedding Creatives 


We have worked with many brands and publications to execute ethereal and innovative concepts and designs. We curate the perfect editorial from start to finish for your brand as a whole. We produce a full production for brands that are emotive, serene, and intentional. This collection starts at 10k  

 III. Editorial Styling Collection

Creative Direction + Styling


"I had been looking to rebrand myself for quite some time so when I found out Terrie had a branding collection option for other creatives I jumped at the opportunity!! Let me just say she has met my expectations and surpassed them by miles and I was blown away. Terrie was very attentive through out the whole branding session which made it less daunting and more relatable for me."

- Gibbon

Our events take place quarterly with the intention to produce content that is detail oriented and floral bloom heavy for wedding photographers who want to elevate their brand and build a portfolio that resonate with their ideal client. Each ticketed event's price point  reflects  cost of materials and extent of content. 

IV. workshops 

Photography Workshops For Wedding Creatives 
Terrie Nelson Design


"Anytime I have a special moment happening in my life I know to book with Terrie . She makes sure she captures every moment and makes it even more special. ."

- jackson

We have our background in wedding planning and wedding design. We are certified with, The Bridal Society for wedding planning and wedding design fundamentals. With this we are able to anticipate your client's needs from a wedding planner perspective and designer perspective. We are able to not only capture the way you deserve to be captured, we are also able to approach our time together with intentionality.

Our Background.

 We connect with you and listen intently to be sure we are creating the vision you have in mind. We also  have our design certification by The Bridal Society to ensure when we photograph you, we have design elements in mind. There is a science to how you are captured and how to recreate the vision you have in mind! We want every detail to be captured and every part of your story to be translated. We are highly detailed oriented and passionate about our couples.  We want you to have your Pinterest worthy wedding captured!!

we Have a design Background.

We understand that looking your best and feeling your best is important! It should translate to your photos that you look amazing! You should feel fabulous and feel empowered when you look back at your photos. We aim to unlock the super model in every couple!!! We guide you through the perfect angles and the most magical movements!

we know all the best Angles.



If you're looking for dreamy, romantic fine art imagery, but a well-organized and executed process, you're in luck. Let's schedule a consultation and see if this is the right fit.

Let Us elevate your brand.

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