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Family Session at Hollis Garden ; Violet turns one 

    Hollis Garden was covered in glowing light on this bright and memorable day. On this memorable day, sweet Violet laughed and smiled when she heard Baby Shark on our phones and it was the cutest!! She would look at her parents and wiggle and dance! She looked at them with trust and admiration. She was in pure bliss!  What I loved most about this session was the impact Violet has made in just one year. It's a reminder that children are precious and that they have a special purpose in this lifetime. Jillian and Michael had the biggest smiles when Violet would do something silly, they love her so much, and you could see that they take the time to enjoy each other.
    It was just so amazing watching Jillian and Michael soak up Violet's laugh and  how intentional they were with her. A mom and dad , they are indeed. I could easily see they will be her biggest cheerleaders in this life.  They soaked up the sun and their love for each other. It was definitely memorable on this beautiful day. They soaked up every bitter sweet moment! When Our babies grow up we are sad the time has come so fast, but so happy about their milestones and having the privilege to be their parents. Jillian and Michael, thank you for trusting us to capture who you are as a family and being who you guys are!

SEPTEMBER 24, 2019

Family Files

Lakeland, FL



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