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family footprints

They smiled under the sun, held hands laughed and loved with the sound of the water slowly crashing in the background. Clearwater beach will never be the same... it now holds the footprints of Darius, Kourtney, Blake, and Miss Brielle! Kourtney and Darius were true models of love!! They radiated the meaning of companionship and being in love. I felt so much love in this session that I felt apart of the family! Not only have they left foot prints on this beach, they have made impressions on my heart as well. Their princess, Brielle and prince, Blake represented their personalities and reminded me so much of my own kids. Brielle is a brave soul who loves the beach and counts on her brother, Blake. Blake checked on his sister and gave her the sweetest kisses. 

July 05, 2019

Family Files

Clear Water Beach, FL



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